Breakfast No. 2 in El Peregrino in Mondoñedo, Spain

12:30 October 6, 2014.

In Mondoñedo we stopped for lunch at the Café Bar El Peregrino (The Pilgrim) and just outside the door I spotted a scallop shell that acts as a marker for El Camino.

If you are walking the pilgrimage you could just end up in this little Bar Café.
Lunch in Mondoñedo The menu posted on the outside of the café has only the breakfast listings, and as 12:30 when we arrived still counts as breakfast time in Spain. (Lunch doesn’t usually start until 2:00.)
Café Bar El Peregrino in Mondoñedo Here they have translated bocadillos as ‘sandwiches’, but be warned that if you order a ‘sandwich’ in Spain you will end up with two pieces of inedible toasted white bread filled with processed cheese and processed ham. Instead do like Al did, and order a bocadillo con jamón, a delicious Spanish bun with a sliver of Serrano ham.
Bocadillos de jamon, 1 Euro I ordered a tortilla which is what the Spanish name for potato omelettes; they taste much better than they sound.
My Spanish Tortilla in Mondoñedo's Café Bar El Peregrino Add a caña of beer (a small beer) and that was our lunch (or more correctly breakfast No. 2).

More on our October 2014 trip to Spain.

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