Experiencing History While Travelling

Some more offbeat ways to experience history while travelling…

India’s ancient (and somehow futuristic) astronomical garden in Jaipur. This place felt like I was time travelling but I wasn’t sure whether I was headed into the past or the future!

Astronomical Garden in Jaipur

Astronomical Garden in Jaipur


Just last week (August 2016) the ancient city of Bagan was hit by a major earthquake and many of the magnificent temples that had stood for almost a thousand years have been severely damaged. This post is about a few of the lesser-explored temples where we stopped mainly because I was having trouble figuring out how to ride an ebike, and wanted to get off it as fast as possible which turned out to be this temple. (Myanmar)

Bagan's Sein Nyet Pagoda

Bagan’s Sein Nyet Pagoda, one of the lesser-known temples


Drink in history in one of Amsterdam’s Brown Cafés such as Café Papeneiland, a historic pub dating back to 1642 and the Golden Age of Holland.

The ceramic beer taps in Amsterdam's Café Papeneiland

The ceramic beer taps in Amsterdam’s Café Papeneiland


A Victorian-era prison, Crumlin Road Gaol is a place to feel some of the horrific history of northern Ireland. In its time it housed IRA hunger strikers, including Bobby Sands who died of starvation, even though he had been elected to parliament while he was in this prison.

A grave in the exterior wall of Belfast's Crumlin Road Gaol

A grave in the exterior wall of Belfast’s Crumlin Road Gaol


In Angkor Wat most of the temples have been cleaned up of overgrowth, but a lesser temple left in ruins was one of my favourites. (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat Temple Enveloped in a Overgrown Banyan Tree

Angkor Wat temple enveloped in an overgrown banyan tree


Finding a family connection at Vimy Ridge. Exploring family history while travelling is one of the more rewarding ways to see the world. (France)

granddad with a friend during the First World War

Granddad with a friend in France during the First World War


The Verdi B&B in Bruges is a VERY old hotel, and ensuites hadn’t been invented back in 1162. For the those more adventurous in their choice of accommodation this is a lesser-retrofitted hotel that charms with all the history sunk into its ancient stones. (Belgium)

a picnic in the 'lounge' area outside our rooms

A picnic in the ‘lounge’ area outside our rooms

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