On the Edge of a Ledge (Canyonlands National Park)

At the end of the road was the Grand View Point Overlook, and a guy was sitting there on the edge of an overhang.

“That’s it,” yelled his wife, “don’t go any further!”

Me, “aw, let him…”

She, “no way, I can’t hook up that damn trailer by myself.”

Meanwhile her husband had wandered over to the very edge. Peering down he called back, “only two steps to the bottom. The first is about 80 feet, the second 300.”

A third bystander looking down commented, “Wow, that’s a damn big hole!”
Utah Canyonlands National ParkOf course, after all that fuss Al had to go do the same damn fool thing…
sitting on the edge of the Island in the Sky in Canyonlands National ParkThis is at the Grand View Point Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.Canyonlands View Overlook on the map with notes More of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

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