Centro Niemeyer, a Modern Art Gallery in Aviles, Spain

October 8th, afternoon.

Our second stop enroute to the Picos de Europa was Aviles, a small industrial town with a modern art gallery, a ‘gift’ from the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

His super-modern curvilinear design was surrounded by a refinery spewing burning gas, a busy port and other heavy industry.

The gallery has sometimes been called a White Elephant — it certainly is both white and large. With all that industry going on I have to wonder how long all those white surfaces are going to stay white!
Aviles, Spain: Centro Neimeyer Modern Art Museum From the town proper we crossed an artfully rusted bridge, ending up in a broad empty plaza with Niemeyer’s oddly-shaped buildings scattered around us.
Aviles, Spain: Reflection of the Artsy Walkway over a Pond The empty plazas and café.Aviles, Spain: Centro Neimeyer Plaza Aviles, Spain: Centro Neimeyer Art Gallery Architecture Aviles, Spain: Centro Neimeyer Spiral Stairway The modern architecture of Centro Niemeyer, a Modern Art Gallery in Aviles, Spain The interior housed two separate art galleries and was spectacular.
Aviles, Spain: Centro Neimeyer InteriorThere were two very interesting exhibitions and with free admission on Wednesdays, we splurged and went to them both! The first was Isabel Muñoz’s semi-surreal portraits of people.
Aviles Centro Neimeyer Gallery Exhibit: Isabel Muñoz The second show was Op Art by one of its premier artists, Carlos Cruz-Diez.
Aviles Centro Neimeyer Gallery Exhibit: Diez-Cruz Back out on the plaza a lone bicyclist checks his phone, backdropped by one of the better views of this industrial city.
Aviles, Spain: Centro Neimeyer Plaza with Industrial BackgroundA sculpture on the plaza.
Aviles, Spain: Centro Neimeyer Yellow Sculpture on the Plaza Aviles Neimeyer Centre BrochureAviles Neimeyer Centre Brochure


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