Neolithic Art at the Cuevas Tito Bustillo in Northern Spain

The north of Spain has several Neolithic caves, the most famous being Altimara.

My friend told me you need to book almost a year in advance for that one, and since we were free-forming this trip as we went along reserving more than a day or two in advance wasn’t an option.

Then we heard about the Cuevas (Caves) Tito Bustillo. It had a reservation system but since it was October with not too many tourists around we thought we try it.Cuevas Tito Bustillo Alas, they only had one spot available in the tour a couple of hours later. BUT the museum was free that day, and in a way it was probably more interesting than trying to make out obscure ancient drawings on cave walls.
entrada to Cuevas Tito Bustillo Horse inscribed on bone in the Museo de las Cuevas Tito Bustillo.
Horse Inscribed on Bone in the Museo de las Cuevas Tito Bustillo A photo of the cave drawings, the drawings have been enhanced. Al didn’t really see them and commented, “What an imagination these cave explorers had…”Cuevas Tito BustilloDrawings scratched on a stone.
Prehistoric drawings scratched on stone at the Cuevas Tito Bustillo in northern SpainA reproduction of a neolithic paintbrush made of horse hair.
Prehistoric paint brush at the Cuevas Tito Bustillo in northern Spain Chipped flintstones and a carved horse bone.
flints and carved bone at Cuevas Tito BustilloIt was a great day’s drive, going from Ribadeo to Canga de Onís, with stops along the way in Luarca, with its maritime walk; Aviles, trying to live up to its big art reputation; and lastly Ribadasella, with its yummy market and these nearby prehistoric Caves of Tito Bustillo.
map of our route from Ribadeo to Canga de Onis

Here is what my friend Jessica told us about this region:


Cantabria is pretty similar in scenery to Asturias*, but I don’t know it that well.

If you like caves/archaeology, try the cave El Soplao. There are also lots of Jurassic museums and archaeological sites in this area, so if that interests you, you’ll be set.

Altamira is also here, which is known as one of the earliest cave paintings ever found. But supposedly the part you see is a reproduction rather than the original, so keep that in mind.

*Provinces in the north of Spain.

More on our October 2014 trip to Northern Spain.

5 responses to “Neolithic Art at the Cuevas Tito Bustillo in Northern Spain

  1. What an adventure, Elizabeth! I am always amazed by ancient art, and the animals they drew – now, sometimes extinct.
    Great blogs – keep up the good work for us to appreciate!

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