A Traditional Stew for a Cold Rainy Night in Cangas de Onís

Some route info from Jessica, a longtime resident of Northern Spain: Our absolute favorite area is the Picos de Europa. It’s further south (Unquera, Cangas de Onís) and very rural, but so beautiful! The mountains are much higher than Galicia and the roads pass through really picturesque little villages.

First stop: Canga de Onís, the gateway to the Picos de Europa.

Canga de Onis Planting SignThe Roman bridge at the edge of town.
Cangas de Onís Roman Bridge The Roman bridge in Canga de Onis, gateway to the Picos de Europa of Northern Spain Although it’s a bit hard to see, look at the size of the pot that our Fabada stew came in!
Cangas de Onís Fabada Stew a la cartaThe traditional meal of Canga de Onis, Fabada, a stew of beans, chorizo and ham, and really warming in the chilly damp evening.
Fabada Stew in Canga de Onis, Spain More tips from Jess: Try the sidra (hard cider – it’s SO CHEAP!) and tortu, which are like fried corn pancakes.
Cangas de Onís Sidra I should also mention breakfast the next day, café con leche along with a little apple tart which was so flaky it felt like I had eaten nothing but air.

It was a great day’s drive, going from Ribadeo to Canga de Onís, with stops along the way in Luarca, with its maritime walk, Aviles, trying to live up to its big art reputation, and lastly Ribadasella, with its yummy market and nearby prehistoric Caves of Tito Bustillo.
map of our route from Ribadeo to Canga de Onis More on our October 2014 trip to Northern Spain.

Jessica, who provided our great route info, has since opened a Bakery Café in Santiago de Compostela called Lusco & Fusco, and you can find her on Facebook at Lusco Fusco Bakery Café.


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