Lagos Covadonga / Covadonga Lakes, Spain

In the Picos de Europa is one of my all-time favorite places ever, Covadonga […] the lakes, which are crystal blue, placid, and surrounded by absolutely picturesque green hills…

…my description is not doing it justice. Google “Lagos Covadonga” and you’ll see. Definitely worth a visit, and in October there shouldn’t be many tourists.” (Jessica*)

After a stop at the Covadonga Sanctuary we carried on up the narrow winding roads headed for the lakes.
Curving road in the mountainous region of Covadonga, Spain Al thought “the road would be perfect for a motorcycle” and low and behold…
Filming a motorcycle commercial on the winding roads of the mountainous region of Covadonga, Spain…it was perfect — for a motorcycle commercial!
Filming a motorcycle commercial on the winding roads of the mountainous region of Covadonga, SpainAt the top a sign indicates various walking routes.
Route Signs in Covadonga, Spain Cows and horses graze the land around the lake.Cow with bell grazing up in the mountains of Covadonga, Spain. I love the dramatic shadow that shows off the horns There’s an old mine to explore.
The old mine at Covadonga in SpainOne of the Lagos Covadonga.
Covadonga Lake (Spain) Covadonga Lake (Spain) We had a rental car for our ‘backroads of Spain’ tour so we drove from Canga de Onis up to Covadonga. I did notice that there were several buses going that way if one was carless!Map of the Picos de Europa *Jessica provided our great route info, and has since opened a Bakery Café in Santiago de Compostela called Lusco & Fusco. You can find her on Facebook at Lusco Fusco Bakery Café.

More on our October 2014 trip to Northern Spain.

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