Utah’s Highway 128, a Scenic Drive into the Desert Country of the Old West

At the Tourist Office in Moab the host told us that if she had an afternoon free (which we did), she would go on a scenic drive down Highway 128 all the way to the end.

On the way back she would stop at the Red Cliffs Lodge, where there was a Movie Museum, a small winery, and a restaurant perfect for watching the sunset. We took her advice, following Hwy 128 into the arid land of old cowboy movies.

There was a lot of dried-out (but scenic) red earth…
red earth and fence just off Hwy 128, Utah Dried red mud landscape along Hwy 128 near Moab…and the occasional patch of green.
A Rare Bit of Greenery off Hwy 128, UtahThe yellow flowers of a Rabbit Brush brighten up a scene that was already colourful to start with.
a rare bit of green on Hwy 128, UtahMostly the vegetation was cactus and its relatives.Two types of cactus found on Utah's Highway 128, a scenic drive into the desert country of the Old WestI was amazed by the rock textures and ‘desert varnish’, a black shiny coating found on many of the red sandstone cliffs that line the highway.Collage of the red rock formations with 'desert varnish' just off of Hwy128 in Utah, USAThis butte was our first of many of this type of red rock formation on our road trip through the American Southwest.
Buttes, rock formations typically seen on Utah's Highway 128, a scenic drive into the desert country of the Old WestThis butte is a movie star!
tablelands near Moab, USA The butte above is seen from a different angle as part of the backdrop behind John Wayne (and Al, his new best friend). This was at the Red Cliffs Lodge Movie Museum. It might be worth watching a few cowboy ‘dusters’ before travelling in this region.
Al posing with John Wayne Over 120 movies have been filmed in the area and this museum has fascinating memorabilia relating to movies that date back to 1925. Admission is free.Red Cliffs Lodge Movie Museum We also had fun tasting some surprisingly good wines at their tiny Castle Creek Winery (also well worth it).
The Red Cliffs Lodge Castle Creek Winery It was too early for dinner so we’re saving their ‘Cowboy Grill’ and ‘Wild Horse Bar’ for our next trip down as we will definitely be back! (http://www.redcliffslodge.com)

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