Travel Theme: Playing Music in India

I love all the various types of music in India – it is so wildly different from the music at home!

Most of these photos are Al’s – when I see musicians I turn on the video so I can take the music home with me.

Musicians at the Jaipur Palace. (More of the music and dancers.)
A drummer at the Jaipur Palace in India A snake charmer in Jaipur.A Snake Charmer in Jaipur, IndiaDrums and tiny cymbals accompanied by a chant in a Jaipur temple during the holiday of Holi.
Holi, the Festival of Colours, in Jaipur, India At the Jaipur Elephant Festival male dancers with red whirling skirts clap sticks against each other and use the bells on their ankles to create a musical rythymn.Male dancers with red whirling skirts and bells on their ankles at the Jaipur Elephant Festival Another musical event in Jaipur worth mentioning was this Sufi Music Festival. It was at night in Central Park so I only have poor quality videos of this event. But if you ever get a chance to see Sufi musicians playing, singing and whirling GO!Sufi Music Poster at the Jaipur Elephant Festival A group playing percussion instruments in Bundi, India.
Bundi DrumsKrishna played the flute while cavorting in the fields with the milkmaids – the flute still exists as a musical instrument today.
playing the flute The leader of the band in a wedding procession in Bundi.the leader of the band, BundiAn ancient musician playing incredible folk music on the steps of Jaisalmer.
India's Chuck Berry More of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Playing.

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