Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

Some people can relax anywhere, especially in a hot climate…

Napping in a boat under the shadows of the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar.Napping after fishing in a boat by U Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar Goliath Security on the job (India).goliath security (India)Break time (Hue, Vietnam).
break time (Hue, Vietnam)

But for me, a really comfy chair and/or a beach is required…

A kayak stop for a bit of social networking at Spanish Banks Beach at low tide (Vancouver).
Spanish Banks Beach at Low Tide: Kayak Stop for a Bit of Social Networking Delft’s Cafe LEF had comfy lawn chairs, and even a bit of fake beach (Holland).Delft's Cafe LEF Had Comfy LawnchairsNow we’re talking! Total relaxation at Playa San Juanillo in Costa Rica.
Playa San Juanillo, Costa Rica What are you waiting for – this chair has your name on it! (Beach chair under a palapa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.)
Beach chair in Puerto Vallarta More of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax.

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

  1. You’ve really nailed the theme this week! Bravo! I especially like the hammock hanging beneath a makeshift shade cloth strung in a desolate tree. Gives me and idea to add shade in my yard next summer.

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