Ice Winter on Sio Farm in Denmark, 1936-37

Dad’s memories of his first winter on his uncle Peter’s farm on Siø, an island off of Langeland in Denmark.

The first winter I was on the island the strait froze over and we were temporarily cut off from supplies until the ice was thick enough to carry trucks and wagons.

The first one to get across was the Duke who drove his 3-ton loaded truck across the frozen strait at high speed. He was of strong build and his most pronounced feature was his flashing eyes, probably due to the exhilaration of that daredevil feat.

When the ice broke up in the spring, it was another excitement to see the big ice floes getting pushed by the tides and slammed onto the shores, pushing them up into mountains of ice. Sometimes big boulders came up with the ice and when I was standing near the shore the ground was shaking like in an earthquake.

Dad's painting of the iced over river by Sio farm in Denmark

More of My Dad’s Paintings.

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