The ‘Long’ Dragon in the Chinese and Vietnamese Language

In Vietnamese and Chinese the word for ‘Dragon’ is ‘Long’. It shows up in lots of place names as well as fruits and fish.

Halong Bay: Decending Dragon (beware, dragons below).
Halong Bay overhang with dragons belowRed dragonfish inside an aquarium in our hotel in Saigon.
red dragonfish inside an aquarium I first had dragon fruit in Vietnam served alongside with watermelon, a great colour combination. I since seen them in the local Chinese markets labelled with characters that translated as Fire Dragon Fruit.
Dragon fruit cut upSketch of a dragon fruit tree which is a type of flowering orchid cactus. I saw a plantation of them from the bus in Vietnam but didn’t manage to get a photo.
Sketch of a Dragon Fruit TreeLongan: Dragon Eyes.
Peeled Longan FruitThey look as if they might have belonged to these googly-eyed dragons at a Royal Tomb in Hue.
Googly-eyed Dragon at a Royal Tomb in Hue

Chinese character for dragonChinese character for dragon: the full form shows flesh (body) topped by ‘to stand’ with ‘wings’ at the side.

(Sorry Jennifer, it appears I had a pent-up pile of dragon posts!)

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6 responses to “The ‘Long’ Dragon in the Chinese and Vietnamese Language

  1. When translating several dinosaur books, I developed a theory. As there were plenty of dinosaur finds in China, people must have thought the creatures still existed somewhere on this planet? (And perhaps they do, who knows. 😉 )

  2. About the fruit – we can buy it at local supermarkets. Not bad, but not as cheap as oranges just now.

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