One Word Challenge: Dragonfly

Dragonfly at Fort Ebey in Washington state.
Fort Ebey: Dragonfly Burgundy dragonfly amongst the papyrus in Singapore Zoo.Red Dragonfly amongst the Papyrus in Singapore Burgundy dragonfly at the Singapore Zoo Black-winged dragonfly in dragonfly Dragonfly on a waterlily bud in Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden.Dragonfly at Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Dragonfly.

8 responses to “One Word Challenge: Dragonfly

    • There are several different dragonflies in my post so I think you must have only seen the burgundy Singapore dragonfly that I used as a feature image. I have a couple more shots of this character in my post – I suspect my camera was having a tiny touch of trouble registering the colour accurately – in all the shots he appears to be more purple than I remember… but he’s still a beauty, I agree!

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