Drinks Around the World

This is one of those ‘you know you’re in (blank) when you’re drinking a (blank)’ posts.

You know you’re in Canada when you’re drinking a Caesar, a delectable combination of clam juice, tomato juice, vodka and various condiments. (6 Mile Pub, a historic stagecoach inn in Victoria, BC)
A Fine Caesar at 6 Mile Pub in Victoria You know you’re in Thailand when you have no idea what you’re drinking but it tastes good! (Bangkok’s Weekend Chatuchak Market)Drinks in Bangkok's weekend Chatuchak Market You know you’re in Mexico when they make alcohol out of cactus. (Think tequila, pulque and mezcal)horno (oven) and piñas at the tequila factory You know you’re in Vietnam when your iced coffee comes in a contraption like this. (A hammock café on the way to the Mekong)
Vietnamese coffee at a 'hammock' café along the highway between HCMC and the Mekong You know you’re in Belgium when every different type of beer you drink comes in a different type of glass, and every beer you drink is delicious! (Way too much beer selection for only one link – instead try my Belgium link page if you’re interested in Belgian beer)
Tripel Karmeliet, one of a zillion delicious Belgian beers You know you’re in Ireland when you see Guinness everywhere. (The ‘White Room’ in the Guinness Storehouse at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin)The White Room in the Guinness Storehouse at St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, IrelandYou know you’re in India when everyone offers you a cup of reviving chai. (How to make chai from our cooking class in Udaipur)
a Cup of Chai in a Village near Udaipur You know you’re in Holland when you’re drinking beer in a Brown Café. (Café Chris, a historic pub in Amsterdam)
Café Chris, a 'Brown Café' which is what they call historic pubs in Amsterdam, HollandYou know you’re in Spain when masses of free food comes with your ice cold beer. (Pintxos, a bar snack elevated to the highest form in Bilbao)
Pinchos (pintxos), a bar snack elevated to the highest form in Bilbao, Spain More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Drink.

7 responses to “Drinks Around the World

    • It made it very easy to photograph and identify the beer we were drinking based on the glass – it was much harder in Holland, where they only did this once in awhile, and other places where they put where they put all the beer in the same glasses – this doesn’t make much of a photo!

      • I didn’t mean to edit you, of course you can write whatever you like. It’s just typical of all European countries and their pubs, so I wondered what struck you as so unusual. 😉 It reminded me of the song “Tuesday – It Must Be Belgium”. 🙂

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