The Best of Zacatecas, Mexico

Like most Mexican towns Zacatecas has its must-see sights, but for me the best part is just walking around, exploring the town and eating the food!

Dramatic metal sculpture of the Christ figure on a wall.
Looking up at a Christ sculpture on a building in Zacatecas, Mexico A fountain carved from the famous pink stone of the region.A fountain with lamps in Zacatecas, Mexico More pink stone.Window with a moon carved in the pink stone typical of Zacatecas, MexicoAnd more pink stone!Pink stone stairs in Zacatecas, Mexico The cathedral is stunning inside. When we were exploring the dim interior near the end of the day bands were setting up outside giving our explorations an eerie soundtrack – I felt like I was in some ominous movie!View of the cathedral through a windowA wall of a wood workshop.
Old wall with wooden doors in Zacatecas, MexicoThe aqueduct.
The stone aqueduct in Zacatecas, MexicoThe Eden Mine tour.
Lighting of the caverns on the mine tour in Zacatecas, MexicoThe original way the rock was excavated carrying heavy baskets up a precarious ladder.
The original way the rock was excavated carrying heavy baskets up a precarious ladder on the mine tour in Zacatecas, Mexico

Favourite Restaurants from 2006 that are still there (and for good reason)

Restaurant Fonda El Jacalito: We had breakfast here several times, try their chocolate francesca! Apparently their food is fantastic the rest of the day too.

Restaurant La Cabaña Zacatecas: Tacos pastor y barbacoa and beer.

Los Dorados de Villa: A bit fancy but nice.

El Tragadero: Sopa de Cebolla and Sopa Caldo Tlapeño with Bohemia beer. (Not fancy!)

More of my favourite Zacatecas sights:

Going in a teleferique up to the Cerro de la Bufa, the site of Pancho Villa’s last battle. The great view of this pastel-coloured town is only a small part of that experience.
Looking down at the brightly-coloured buildings of Zacatecas, Mexico Two world-class art museums in one town courtesy of the Coronel Brothers.
Ruins of a church and a modern art gallery in Zacatecas, Mexico The town of Guadalupe with its ex-monastery that has been converted into a museum and art gallery is a short side-trip from Zacatecas.

4 responses to “The Best of Zacatecas, Mexico

  1. Zacatecas is such a beautiful place — but when I visited I was 8 or 9 years old, and I fell seriously ill from altitude sickness. My memories of the place are less than wonderful. I’m really enjoying seeing the images you’ve been sharing, of all the stuff I missed!

    • Above 8000 ft I tend to get migraines – my fun version of altitude sickness. I just checked and the city lies at 8,010 ft, and I didn’t have any problems with migraines! So I guess I can add 10 feet to that estimate, possibly more since we went up the Bufa which is apparently at 8770 feet. I do know mescal is a little known cures for altitude sickness – the locals were singing in the streets and passing it around to anyone who got in their way like us. At any rate it worked for me. It’s a great place just to wander around and enjoy the ambience!

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