WPC: Against All Odds

Let me say that several times I have been in situations that were against all the odds. But when they happened my last thought was to pull out my camera and take a photo.

Like this road sign in Mexico telling us to beware of jaguars crossing the road. I call signs like this “Promises, promises.”
Jaguar crossing signWhen I actually did see a jaguar in the wild she was chasing an iguana across the road in Costa Rica; there were three of us in the jeep, all avid photographers and not one of us grabbed our cameras. I have tried several times to capture that moment and the closest I’ve come is this heavily manipulated painting.
Wild jaguar in Costa Rican jungleWhile also in Costa Rica I saw this sign warning that ‘there are crocodiles in the estuary’. But no matter how hard I looked not a single crocodile popped into view.
cocodrilos sign in Costa Rica Then in Mexico I was swimming way out in heavy swells when what rolled into view on the next swell – a huge crocodile! He disappeared out of view and then back in again, and this time he was facing me with a toothy grin on his evil face. Let’s just say that I didn’t manage to capture the moment with a camera. Afterwards I did this portrait of me and my new Mexican amigos. Smile everybody!me and my new Mexican amigosAnother promised sighting on BC’s coast.
06sunshinered-noseddeersign_0986wThis one goes way back to Christmas when I was five and sick with the mumps. So I had to stay inside while my little brother and dad went to put out food for Santa’s reindeer. And wouldn’t you know it, the one time I couldn’t go out the reindeer appeared, or so my little brother exclaimed in wonder! I went out to the barn later and all I found was this goat. Maybe I could put a red nose on him, hmmm?
me and my goat More of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

10 responses to “WPC: Against All Odds

    • This is actually just an ordinary deer crossing – I called it a reindeer because the highways crew put a red reflector on its nose in honour of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a favourite Christmas song. The reindeer in Canada are usually called caribou and are quite a bit larger than the deer and with much larger antlers as well.

  1. Love this. So true…the camera is never ready for these moments, but when you wait for hours, camera in hand, nothing happens.

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