Working Hands — Metalsmiths

Watching people hand-fabricating metal objects is something that is rarely seen nowadays and always fascinating.

A ‘gold pounder’ shows off one of the tools of his trade in a workshop in Mandalay, Myanmar.
The Gold-Pounders' Workshop in Mandalay Silversmith in his workshop Toledo, Spain.
Jewelry Maker in Toledo, SpainMaking metal cones for funnels in Bundi, India.
metal worker in Bundi, IndiaA blacksmith wire-brushing a hand-forged wrought iron hook in Fort Langley, Canada.Fort Langley BlacksmithTraditional metalwork at the metalworker’s workshop in Mandalay, Myanmar.
Traditional Metalwork at the Metalworker's Workshop in Mandalay, MyanmarA metalworker adds the the final touch to a brass jar in India.
the final touch

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