Arriving in Dublin, Ireland (& Having Our 1st Guinness)

We stumbled into our Dublin Air B&B, sleep-deprived and hungry.

Our hosts pointed us in the direction of Authur’s where “you can get a decent pint and good fish and chips”. Plus apparently they didn’t charge a bomb “like the pubs in the Temple Bar District”.
Authur's Pub in Dublin, IrelandOnce we were in Arthur’s Al was pleased to find a selection of craft beers and ordered a draft called Metalman Pale Ale, an Irish craft beer. I tried two tasters, one called Wild Bat and the other Sabotage by Trouble Brewing. The Sabotage was superior so that’s what I ordered.
Along with seafood chowder and brown soda bread with Irish butter. The seafood chowder was a wondrous thing, with a perfect creamy texture and some sort of smoked fish for extra oomph. The soda bread was wonderful too, and so this was just the first of many excellent seafood chowders and soda bread I had in Ireland.Seafood chowder at Authur's Pub in Dublin, IrelandAs it often is with jet-lag you’re hungry and then you’re not, you’re falling asleep on your beer and then suddenly wide awake. After our repast we were stuffed beyond reason and suddenly energetic so we set off for a wander.

We got lost in Camden Town where my brain suddenly gave out and we fell into the first pub we saw. This second pub, which shall remain nameless, turned out to be primarily into Guinness. Their customers were as well, as at least 2/3 of them nursing the dark brew.

There didn’t seem to be a lot of choice in beer although Al did spot a Hop House 13 on tap.

“You don’t want that mate,” warned a guy sitting at the bar, “It’s a Guinness trying to pretend it’s a craft beer.”

So we both hunkered down and ordered a Guinness. After all, I’d heard it on good authority (my next-door neighbour) that Guinness is at its best in Dublin.
Having a Guinness beer in Dublin Al put a not overly complimentary note on his beer app ‘Untapped’ giving the Guinness a 3 1/2*, to which I added ‘great nitro foam, but thin’.

The app being proactive a friend immediately wrote back, “Well, now that you’ve got that over with…”

Even though it was only 7:30 I kept falling asleep over my beer so we stumbled out of there and came home to a bright chatty B&B host…

The next day first thing we headed off to the Guinness Storehouse, a must-do in Dublin even if you aren’t crazy about the beer.

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