Getting Atop the Highest Point (& the View Below)

Getting up to the highest point around sometimes involves strenuous effort. Other times it just means taking an elevator, gondola or other conveyance. Here are the views from atop the highest point we could find.

View of Dublin from the top floor Gravity Bar of the Guinness Storehouse. This view comes with a choice of stairs or an elevator, and a drink of your favourite Guinness brew.
View from the upper windows in the Guinness Storehouse at St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland Castles are often situated on the highest points and if you can get in and climb to the top floor you are almost certain to be rewarded, such as this view of vineyards from the Castillo de Curiel in Spain. This castle had been restored and turned into a hotel, meaning there were elevators up and a rooftop pool!View from the Castillo de Curiel Another castle view, the ruins of the Chateau Galliard in France. No elevators in this ruin of course but you can drive most of the way and then park.
Chateau Gaillard, ruins with a view... After a small hike up a trail we got to look down on the Duoro River in Portugal.
Looking Down on the Duoro River in Portugal Atop the Cerro de la Bufa in Zacatecas, Mexico. A look-out or viewpoint is called a ‘mirador’ in Spanish and whenever we saw a mirador sign it was worth our while to try and get there. In this case we took the ‘teleferico’ but hardier souls walked up.View from the Bufa in Zacatecas, MexicoDriving to Chanticleer Point gave us this view of a viewpoint, the Vista House, and the Columbia river beyond. (The historic Columbia River highway in Oregon, USA.)View of Vista House from Chanticleer Point Climbing the tower of the Royal Palace in Mandalay gave us this view of it casting its shadow over the people below.
Shadow of the Tower at Mandalay Palace City view of Ghent from the top of the bellower. Warning, lots of narrow winding stairs involved but if you’re lucky the bells while be ringing on your way up.City view of Ghent from the top of the belltower. More from the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop.

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