Belgium Route: Mons to Antwerp via a Brewery and a Chateaux

Is there beer in Belgium?

Maybe a bit too much. On the way back to Antwerp from Mons we stopped in at a small brewery, Abbaye des Rocs.
Abbaye des Rocs When we arrived everyone was busy, busy, busy, scurrying around in rubber boots. Even though they weren’t set up for a brewery tour they graciously called for dad to come give us a walk around.
12apBelBeerBreweryAbbayedeRocs7794 An old still that was still in use…
Abbaye des Rocs Brewery near Mons Modern beer equipment…Abbaye des Rocs Brewery near MonsThe brewery owed its location to a well that gave the pure water needed to brew a perfect beer. The well that gives the pure water needed to brew a perfect beer. (Abbaye des Rocs Brewery near Mons) Beer, beer everywhere but not a drop to taste!
Belgian Brewery: Abbaye des RocsConsequently our next stop was the nearest pub. Unfortunately they didn’t carry anything from the Abbaye des Rocs but we managed to find a few new beers to taste. Al had La Guillotine, a beer made by the same brewery that makes Delirium Tremens.
12apBelJournalSoignesBeer825wBoth the glass and bottle were quite distinctive. (Notes: triple-fermented, bubbly, smooth. At 9%, not for the faint of heart, but it didn’t taste boozy at all.)12apBelBeerLaGuillotine7803w I tried a Hoegaarden Rosée. (Notes: cloudy, not too sweet, very balanced raspberry beer, 3%.)
Belgian Beer: Hoegaarden RoséMikey went for one of our favourites, Belle-Vue Gueuze, which we were first introduced to in Antwerp’s Kulminator Pub. (Notes: lingering flavour, 5.5%)
12apBelBeerBelle-VueGueuze7804w The Chateau Beloeil is located halfway between Mons and Tournai. It was supposed to be open but there seemed to be nothing happening so we strolled around the small area we had access too.
12apBelBeloeilChateaux7821wThe fierce lion statue guarding the Chateau Boleil made sure that that no one was picnicking on the extensive grounds. Too bad, as we had packed rather large picnic. But it started pouring so picnicking was out anyway.Statue at Chateaux Beloeil Our next stop was pretty Taverne St. Gery but alas, we weren’t yet ready to drink anymore.
Taverne St. Gery Taverne St. GeryFinally in Antwerp for the evening, we had our last meal with Mikey…
Antwerp Last Meal with Mikey12myBelMonsRegionAbbayedelaRocw
This is part of our trip around Belgium, more or less following the ‘Beer Route’.

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