Side Trip from Amsterdam: Marken, a Village with Bright Painted Houses

Various sources raved about Ijsselmeer, a huge artificial lake of great beauty just outside Amsterdam.

Our plan was to visit the three villages of Hoorn, Edam and Marken in the area.
Sketch of Day Trips from AmsterdamOur B&B host told us that at the back of Amsterdam Centraal you could buy a 10€ bus ticket that would take you out into the countryside and was valid all day.
The Bus Station in Amsterdam, Holland We decided to do the ‘Harbours of History’ Route to Marken, Volendam and Edam, and fit in Hoorn if there was time.
Bus routes map for a one day side tripOur B&B host had exclaimed over Marken, “The houses are painted all different colours.” In reality they were all painted either black or dark green with white trim and the occasional red exclamation point.
Red shutters on a typical painted wooden house in Marken, Holland A wooden house in Markham, Holland Typical painted wooden houses in Marken, Holland A decorative sign showing off the typical green houses wooden houses in Marken, Holland The most exciting thing to do in Marken was to check out the underwear hanging on the lines. This was a white set but the neighbours had shameless black hanging from their lines.
Typical painted wooden houses in Marken, HollandThe church in the village looks foursquare and plain on the outside.
The church in Markham, HollandStained-glass windows in the local church.Stained glass windows in the church in Markham, HollandModel boats inside the church reflect on this village’s history with the sea.
Boats in the church in Markham, HollandThere is a long trail along the dyke that leads to a lighthouse.. 
Riding along the Marken Dyke in Holland But we opted to stay in town and stop at a café along the waterfront.The harbour and waterfront at Marken, Holland a Café on Marken's waterfront (Holland)Light and fruity, perfect for a sunny day!
Having a Leifmans Frutesse beer in a waterfront café in Marken, Holland From Marken the next stop on our itinerary was Volendam, a short ferry ride away.
Typical painted wooden houses line the waterfront where the ferry leaves from Marken, HollandThe ferry is not included in the 10€ bus ticket.The sign for the ferry between Volendam and Markham in HollandLeaving Marken.
Boats and typical painted houses on Marken's waterfront (Holland)


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