Travel Theme: Cooking in Asia

In Asia cooking is more akin to performance art, especially in Malaysia where I captured these videos of them cooking up two of my favourite meals.

Roti Canai, my go-to breakfast in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Cooking choreography in Kuala Lumpur as they put together a delicious stir fry.
No video but imagine a constant fanning to evenly bbq these satays in Melaka.satay: Malaysian barbeque While in Luang Prabang, Laos, we took our first cooking class at the Three Elephants Café. (More about this class and the food of Laos.)
These delicious ‘crepe-like’ pancakes are found all over Vietnam with a variety of savoury fillings. If you have a thin well-seasoned steel fry pan that heats up quickly, with a little bit of practice, you too can turn out this tasty summer appetizer.
We took a cooking class in India as well, and this the video is about making fried Daal!
And now two shots of Asian cooking outdoors in Vancouver. The mid-April Sikh celebration of Vaisakhi where they give away tons of food, including Jalabi. This is a doughy paste swirled into hot oil, and once golden passed through a vat of sugar syrup, and served up still warm and gooey. There is always a huge line-up for these super sweet giveaways.
Prepping Takoyaki, doughy balls filled with octopus at the annual Powell Street Festival which celebrates Japanese culture in Vancouver. We had them in Yoyogi park in Tokyo, half-cooked and unpleasantly gooey, and I have never had the nerve to try them again. There was a huge line-up for them at the festival. Maybe next year…
takoyaki, doughy balls filled with something octopussy or squiddyMore of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Cook.

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