My First Foreign Trip (But Not My Last)

Wanderlust – once you’ve caught it it never really goes away.

As a kid I spent all my money on Viewmaster Photos of the World series which came complete with a stamp and coin from the featured country.

In 1965 my dad’s father was in his 90s and dad figured it might be our last chance to see him so off we went to Denmark.

Itinerary for my first trip, Denmark 1965. 
Itinerary for my first trip to DenmarkThe cover of my first travel journal.
The cover of my first travel journalI had planned to save the little packets of salt and pepper but those apparently didn’t survive the trip.
A page from my travel journalA page from my travel journal with saved postcards. I was in wonder over everything!
A page with postcards saved from my travel journalAnd I saved everything!
Travel to Denmark boarding passes and tickets My first camera, this wondrous Kodak – it even has its own little tripod!
My First Camera, a KodakA couple of my first travel photos, extensively edited so you can tell what they are. No selfies though…
1965 trip to Denmark: first photos: a windmillfirst travel photos from Denmark


17 responses to “My First Foreign Trip (But Not My Last)

  1. These are precious. I used to save so much of stuff like that and then left it all behind when I moved to Tuscany. I figured I’d be getting new things. 😀 Which I am but I still hope those old treasures survive somewhere in boxes. I spent a week in Denmark and loved the nature and the sky most of all. And the people, so curious, polite and powerful somehow. Also – you were travelling on my mom’s 19th birthday. 🙂

    • It is so hard to leave old treasures behind. We are currently in the process of downsizing and I am having the hardest time with my mom’s old bike from the late 40s – and mine since the 60s. So many stories but we have no place for it. I went out for one last bike ride today and took multiple photos of it – hopefully I can let it go and have the photos for the memories, maybe…

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