Planning a Trip Around the World at Age 7

My first effort at planning a trip around the world at age 7.

Trip planning at age 7My mother once said to me, “As soon as you realized there was a world out there, you wanted to see it!”

I have no idea where this desire came from. We lived out on a farm in the middle of nowhere; until I was 5 we didn’t even have a TV that could bring the world into our little home.

It might have been my mom’s friend Jacqui, who traveled around the world sending us exotic postcards with exotic stamps.

She was also the one that sent me this world atlas and I painstakingly drew in a trip, starting in Victoria (the nearest airport) and then making my way around the globe by plane, train and boat.

Of course, once I started travelling I never stopped, but I see I still haven’t been to all the places listed on my first plan.

3 responses to “Planning a Trip Around the World at Age 7

  1. Such a cute story! My mom’s friend Michelle gave me a spinning globe when I was a kid, and my brothers and I used to spin it and stop it with our eyes closed. Where ever our finger landed was where we had to go live! Now as an adult I’ve lived abroad for 5 years. We’re lucky we were so inspired as kids.

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