The Beach at Cap Hornu on the Normandy Coast

A sudden rise in temperature had us heading straight to the Normandy Coast; a missed road sign and we ended up on the beach at Cap Hornu.

The Normandy Coast of France has miles of scenic wonder great for bicycling. The grassy shores by the beach at Baie de Sommes on the Normandy CoastOne part of the beach was filled with flint stones.
At Baie de Sommes the beach was primarily flint stonesMost of the beach area was sand which had the school teachers busy keeping track of all the children.Cap Hornu: kids playing on the beach Cap Hornu: kids building sandcastles on the beachFrom the beach a set of stairs led up into the medieval village of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme but there was a little beach restaurant that beckoned, La Buvette Restaurant.From the beach a set of stairs led up into the medieval village of Saint-Valery-sur-SommeBut as soon as we arrived at the restaurant, the wind picked up dramatically and blew one umbrella up in the air, resulting in a mad scurrying of waiters trying to pull down all the umbrellas before anyone got hurt.
At La Buvette on Cap Hornu, the Wind started to blow the umbrellas up in the airThe province of Normandy in France is famous for their apple cider and the previous evening I had discovered that the ‘Brut’ cider was very much to my taste. This Loïc Raison didn’t disappoint.
I tried a Loic Raison Cider at La Buvette on Cap HornuThe cider at La Buvette on Cap HornuMore about travelling in France.


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