Tasting Cider and Calvados at Pierre Huet in Cambremer, France

Guess where we ended up when we followed this sign!

Following the Cider Route of FranceIf you guessed Cambremer, you’re right, and while we were there we also got to find out why it’s called the Route du Cidre.
Pierre Huet Cider in Cambremer, France Our main cider stop was at Calvados Pierre Huet, named after the apple brandy that is a popular aperitif in Normandy.Pierre Huet Cider in Cambremer, FrancePart of our extensive tasting experience.
Pierre Huet Cider in Cambremer, France Their pear cider was to die for – if it was available here in Vancouver I would be very happy!
The BEST pear cider in the world, so far. (Pierre Huet in Cambremer, France) The cider-making equipment was copper and enamel, quite striking.Pierre Huet Cider in Cambremer, France Pierre Huet Cider in Cambremer, FranceOur own route for the day. As it was a weekend in June we stayed in Rouen for three nights, venturing out on various drives during the days. Our first stop of the day was Jumieges Abbey ruins; followed by our first French picnic and then on to Honfleur on the coast. I had really wanted to see the little town but it was so busy that we couldn’t find parking anywhere and had to carry on down the coast to Trouville-sur-Mer. From there we went off on what our ‘Backroads of France’ guidebook called the ‘Cider & Cheese’ route. This was our cider portion; in Livarot we discovered some of the best cheeses in France!Rouen to Camenbert Route

5 responses to “Tasting Cider and Calvados at Pierre Huet in Cambremer, France

  1. This sounds awesome – so jealous! I’m also a big fan of French perry (Poire), and Brittany France cidre (not so much the sour & funky Normandy ones). At least in Seattle WA I’ve seen a number of French cidre and Poire options, so definitely shop around near you at specialty bottle shops.

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