A French Picnic with Farm Cider & Cheese

While driving along the rural roads of France we got in the habit of packing a small picnic, and then picking up something cold to drink at a little village along the way.

After spending several hours wandering around Monet’s Garden in Giverny we were ready for our picnic of the day.

We had bought some cheese and little sausages at the market in Rouen the day before but nothing to drink.

From previous experiences on the back roads of France we figured that the chances of encountering a store selling cold beer at two o’clock in the afternoon was unlikely, and on a Sunday impossible.
A Rural Road from Giverny Then I spotted a small sign saying ‘cider’. How about a cider for our picnic?The Sign to the French Farm Cider SellerThe courtyard of the farm was charming.
Roses on the Wall of the Farm Cider SellerAnd the cider store was OPEN!
Open!!! the French Farm Cider SellerFarm Cider for SaleOur three euro bottle of cold cider fermier, one of the best ciders I’ve ever had! The farmer even gave us some plastic glasses to drink from.
French Farm CiderThe picnic by a farmer’s field.
A Picnic in our Car Featuring French Farm Cider More about travelling in France.

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