Signs of Trump in Portland, USA

Welcome to Trump’s America where I spotted these images in Portland Oregon.

Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis, or the fingered citron. Look at those tiny orange fingers coming straight for you, groping you right in the… 
Buddha's Hands Citron plant, the mother of all citrus fruitsStore window showing off the latest Trump-inspired underwear.Trump-inspired underwearA mural that may be wishful thinking – I suspect that Trump tidbits are not overly nutritious for America’s symbol eagle.Bald Eagle feeding Trump's head to its starving chicks; a wall mural in Portland March 2017A positive sign found all over the place: restaurants, stores, public places – somewhere to go if you feel threatened.Safe in Trump's America; safe havens popping up all over the city of Portland, OregonKeep Oregon weird!

8 responses to “Signs of Trump in Portland, USA

  1. Really a fake president US have got there. Really a reality show. Sorry for you wonderful americans, but your potus is far away wonderful. First class huuuuuuge fool.

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