The Road to Rouen

June 5, 2015.

Morning spent travelling from Amiens to Rouen via as many backroads as we could find.

It took us a couple of days but we finally figured out how to trick our GPS into taking us along the backroads of France.

Heading down an ‘unnamed street’ on our way to Rouen.GPS taking us down unnamed roads on the way to Rouen Big Basket of Flowers on the Road to Rouen Past fields.A Church in the Landscape on the Road to RouenAnd small villages.Home with Blue Doors on the Way to Rouen in FrancePerhaps it should have been called ‘the road to ruin’.Ruined Dwelling on the Way to Rouen We decided to go past Château de Pissy. I mean, with a name like that, who could resist?Road Signs on the Way to Rouen Part way along we spotted a church with an unusual steeple. We stopped to take a photo of it and man came running up and asked us if we’d like to see inside.15FrRoadtoRouenOldChurchFront3782wHe opened up the door to the old church with an old key.The Caretaker opens up the door to the old church on the way to Rouen in FranceWe were allowed to see the vesperal from the 1800s and still in use.
15FrRoadtoRouenOldChurchHymnBook3787wThere were many stained-glass windows donated by wealthy patrons.15FrRoadtoRouenOldChurchStainedGlass3788wOutside they were doing something (renovating? cleaning?) in a giant crane.15FrRoadtoRouenOldChurch3793w By now the day had started to heat up so we headed straight for the Normandy Coast and the Baie de Somme.
Amiens to Rouen via the Baie de Sommes routeMore about our 2015 trip to France.


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