Does Holland Have Bridges?

Holland, with its many canals, has of course many bridges to go over the canals.

The bulk of them are drawbridges that allow for boats to travel through like this one in Edam.
A draw bridge over the canal in Edam, HollandA very modern drawbridge in Rotterdam.An artistic drawbridge in Rotterdam, HollandWhen I first saw the bridge in Gouda it was already open and I had no idea what I was looking at – it doesn’t make any sense to see the highway suddenly tilted up towards the sky!  Then I figured out it was a drawbridge.  A highway bridge opening up for passing boat traffic just outside of Gouda, HollandAnother drawbridge just outside of Gouda.
A drawbridge in Rotterdam, HollandSome bridges do not lift and therefore only small boats or a canal boats are able to make it underneath.A bridge over the canal in Edam, HollandThis Dutch tile mural from 1830 shows an Utrecht city scene with a bridge very reminiscent of the one above in Edam.A Utrecht city scene with a bridge done in Dutch tilesLove locks are another feature of the bridges in Holland.Locks on a bridge in Rotterdam, HollandThe striking design of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.The striking design of the Rotterdam BridgeMore about the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge.

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