Three-Dimensional Collages of Stone and Plaster in India

In India, many of the buildings and other structures appeared to be three-dimensional collages.

Plaster and mirror ‘collage’ in the Amber Palace just outside of Jaipur. If I was trying to do a painting of this I would definitely use collage.Mirrors in Decorative Plaster at Amber PalaceEven more fascinating were the ‘collages’ of stone in the walls of Chittor palace. The arrangements were often asymmetrical and often appeared to be stuck in wherever they would fit.
Chittor wallI suppose that technically this little plaster wall item would be called an assemblage, a 3D collage.
Plaster collage with added pieces in the Faux Village outside Jaisalmer
Around the desert city of Jaisalmer the golden stones of the walls were arranged in patterns.
Jaisalmer golden stone wallAnother stone ‘collage’ in Jaisalmer.
collage in golden stoneMore on the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage.

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