Workshops for Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Some jewelry workshops.

A jewelry maker’s studio in San Sebastian, Mexico.Jewelry maker's studio in San Sebastian, MexicoTurquoise earrings from MexicoBy the time we had made it back down Inle Lake in Myanmar it was late. The market was closed and all that remained of the jeweller were the tools of his trade he left behind. I never saw what type of jewelry he made and am forever curious…
Inle Lake Jeweller's ToolA silversmith in Toledo, Spain works on jewelry design that is modified from ‘damascene’, a traditional method of decorating steel with threads of gold and silver, resulting in extremely decorative SHARP swords, back when everyone carried around swords. The truly traditional method is painstaking, requiring hours of work and quite expensive. Jewelry Maker in Toledo, SpainThe (slightly) cheaper modern styles use enamel and simulate the style.A piece of jewelry from Toledo, Spain done in a modern version of the Damascene styleJewelry display in Toledo, Spain


6 responses to “Workshops for Hand-Crafted Jewelry

    • I found the workshops so interesting – I remember one in Mexico back when I was using film -it was just on the floor in the corner of a little cement hovel but the work that this guy did – if I had had a digital camera back then I would have photographed his entire inventory!

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