Travel Theme: Storm Coming In

Some fun storms (as opposed to the unfun ones where you spend the time in a dark shelter listening to the storm raging outside…)

Temple in Bali with approaching storm.storm approachingStorm brewing over Malin Head in Ireland.Storm brewing over Malin Head in IrelandYellow grasses sway before the darkness of the incoming storm (Merritt, BC, Canada)yellow grasses sway before the stormDust devil coming straight for us in a Jaisalmer garden. I quickly snapped this shot then turned my back on the scene and managed to get my camera inside its case inside a bag inside my pack before the dust swirled around us.
dust storm seen from Jaisalmer gardenCalm before the storm (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) – the lightning was truly spectacular, going back and forth between two dark clouds!Coconut palms after the storm in Puerto VallartaRainstorm with major flooding in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. That’s my umbrella that the restaurant owner grabbed in order to get her customers to their motorcycle rickshaw before they got soaked.Rainstorm with major flooding in Angkor Wat, CambodiaMore of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Storm.

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