Iguana Starts with the Letter I

Iguanas are perhaps my favourite lizard!

The big old iguana we called El Jefe (Ostional, Costa Rica)The big old iguana we called El Jefe, The Boss. He lived in Franklin’s backyard in Ostional, Costa Rica – Franklin protected him from marauding dogs. I love the subtle blues & greens on him and his striped tail. (Note, I have since learned that green iguanas are female, so he is actually a she, and we should have called her ‘La Jefe’.)The big old iguana we called El Jefe. He lived in Franklin's backyard in Ostional, Costa RicaMottled iguana in Huatalco, Mexico. What a poser… most iguanas scuttled off in a hurry before I had a chance to get a photo, but this one hung around and made sure I got his best side!mottled iguana in HuatalcoHere’s another mottled iguana in Huatalco. These guys are really cool!Mottled iguana at Las Brisas in Huatalco, MexicoOrange iguana relaxing on a rock in Mexico, too lazy to scuttle off. This guy has a completely different coloration than El Jefe above – I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a different type or if they have a mild form of chameleon colour-changing properties as I’ve seen in other lizards. I have since learned that the difference in coloration is because female iguanas are green and male iguana are orange! Orange iguana relaxing on a rock in MexicoMore on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Starts with the Letter ‘I’.

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