Luncheon on the Mekong River in Vietnam

After a busy morning on the Mekong River we were headed for a late lunch.

The boats we rode in got smaller and smaller as the channels we went through got narrower and narrower. Near the end they were almost impassable, totally choked with weeds.The boats we rode got smaller and smaller and the channels got narrower and narrower, until they were almost totally choked with weedsWe finally arrived at an orchard full of strange and exotic fruits. Strange fruit growing in an orchard on the Mekong Delta in VietnamOur guide Phuoc knew all the names in Vietnamese and occasionally their English counterpart. The ‘star apple’ (below) is known in Vietnam by a name that translates as ‘milk breast’, and water chestnuts translate as ‘buffalo horns’.Strange Fruit on the Mekong: a Star Apple This amazing fruit tree had flower buds, flowers, fruit buds, unripe fruits and ripe fruits on the tree, all at the same time, and I later learnt it was called a ‘rose-apple’. Here are some blushing green rose apples and some ‘rose’-coloured ones in the orchard.
Rose apples growing on a tree on an orchard along the Mekong River
At the end of our wander through the orchard they brought out jackfruit, longan (translates as ‘dragon eyes’), rambutan and papaya for us to taste.fruit tasting in Mekong Delta, VietnamLunch was at a floating restaurant on the edge of the river. 
Lunch in a restaurant by the Mekong River in VietnamThis was the tasty barbecued Elephant Ear fish they fed us.Fish for lunch in a restaurant by the Mekong River in VietnamIt looked tastier from this angle. Fish for lunch at a restaurant on the Mekong River in VietnamOur guide Phuoc didn’t join us for the lunch even though the amount of food served was equal to two lunches.  I couldn’t even come close to finishing it all and so skipped any fillers like rice.

Phuoc was taken aback when he saw what we hadn’t eaten. “You eat pork but not rice?”

“I eat pork with noodles,” I explained.

Phuoc frowned, “Pork is for rice.”

“It’s good with noodles too. I add pork, basil and dipping sauce.”

Phuoc’s only comment to that was, “Strange.”

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6 responses to “Luncheon on the Mekong River in Vietnam

  1. Wow, that fish head looks scarey to see all those tiny teeth. They look sharp. Cool pics. Those rose apples look amazing. I had never seen them before. Do they taste like the “red delicious” type apples or are they different?

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