T is for Tomato (or Tomate)

When you look at how many world cuisines that celebrate the tomato it’s hard to believe there was a time when tomatoes only existed in Meso-America.

The name tomato comes from the Meso-American word xitomatl. Although most Spanish-speaking countries call them ‘tomates‘, in Mexico they call them jitomates based on the indigenous name.
T is for TomatoBrown tomatoes in a market went into a special Spanish salad just for me (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).
Brown Tomatoes in a Santiago de Compostela marketBags of green tomatoes on a boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar.Bags of Green Tomatoes on a Boat on Inle Lake, MyanmarCherry tomatoes at the Portland Farmer’s Market, Oregon.
Cherry Tomatoes at the Portland Farmer's MarketSculpted tomato for our Halong Bay lunch, Vietnam. HalongBay Lunch: Sculpted TomatoIndian fried daal with tomato. Indian fried daalHaving Tomates aux Crevettes Grises at De Panne, Belgium. having 'Tomates aux Crevettes Grises' at De Panne

Salsa Martajada de Mexico

This red salsa is ‘crushed’ with a traditional Mexican mortar and pestle called a molcajete, made from volcanic rock. This method results in a coarse salsa, as opposed to the puree you might get from using a blender.

9 responses to “T is for Tomato (or Tomate)

  1. I never gave tomato or potato a thought, either. Great images and an enjoyable zip around the world. Gosh, I’ve got to go make myself a tomato sandwich, right now. Might try making that tomato flower first. 🙂

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