T is for Tomato

When you look at how many world cuisines that celebrate the tomato it’s hard to believe there was a time when tomatoes only existed in Meso-America.

The name tomato comes from the Meso-American word xitomatl. Although most Spanish-speaking countries call them ‘tomates‘, in Mexico they call them jitomates based on the indigenous name.
T is for TomatoBrown tomatoes in a market went into a special Spanish salad just for me (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).
Brown Tomatoes in a Santiago de Compostela marketBags of green tomatoes on a boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar.Bags of Green Tomatoes on a Boat on Inle Lake, MyanmarCherry tomatoes at the Portland Farmer’s Market, Oregon.
Cherry Tomatoes at the Portland Farmer's MarketSculpted tomato for our Halong Bay lunch, Vietnam. HalongBay Lunch: Sculpted TomatoIndian fried daal with tomato. Indian fried daalHaving Tomates aux Crevettes Grises at De Panne, Belgium. having 'Tomates aux Crevettes Grises' at De PanneMore on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two Ts in the Word.

9 responses to “T is for Tomato

  1. I never gave tomato or potato a thought, either. Great images and an enjoyable zip around the world. Gosh, I’ve got to go make myself a tomato sandwich, right now. Might try making that tomato flower first. 🙂

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