Gouda Cheese in Gouda, Holland

De Waag on Gouda’s town square was once the official weighing house for cheese traders and now has exhibits on the art of cheese-making and merchandising.

The historical Cheese Weighing Building in Gouda, HollandThe building, dating from 1668, has a bas-relief sculpture of the cheese-weighing process.
Bas-relief of Weighing Cheese in Gouda, HollandInside the building the old weighing scales were still there.
Weighing Gouda Cheese in the InteriorAnother view of the scales.
Gouda CheeseAnd another.
Cheesy Photos in Gouda, HollandAn old gouda cheese label.
Cheese Label in Gouda, HollandWho knew there were so many different types of gouda?
Cheese Labels in Gouda, HollandOut on the streets of the town of Gouda there are, off course, lots of different cheeses for sale, including gouda!
Rounds of Gouda Cheese in in Gouda, Holland

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