Mirrored in the Building Opposite

My alternative title for this post was: ‘Reflection of Windows in Windows’.

Some cities seem to better for this kind of thing than others. The first two images are from Bilbao, Spain. This is the city of the famous Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry, a master at considering the surroundings of his experimental architectural designs and fitting them in as if they were part of some original plan.

The Guggenheim reflected in the building opposite.The Bilbao Guggenheim mirrored in the building opposite (Spain)Examples of the ‘Guggenheim effect’ abound in this region, where other architects have gotten in on the level of excitement created by Gehry’s striking building.Reflections of a building reflected in another building's windows in Bilbao, SpainVancouver, my home city, is also known as the ‘City of Glass’, a term coined by Douglas Coupland, a Vancouver native, writer and artist who also coined the term ‘Generation X’. Of course, all that glass means it’s a prime place to gather reflections of windows in windows.Reflection of a high-rise in another high-rise's window in Vancouver, CanadaReflection on a glass high-rise in Vancouver.Reflection on a glass high-rise in VancouverThis is somewhere near the ‘sails’ at Canada Place but I have no idea what it’s a reflection of.Highrise Reflection AbstractNear the hospital.reflection of windows in windowsA mirrored image of the outside building as seen through the glass roof of the Vancouver Public Library. Mirrored images of the outside buildings as seen through the glass roof of the Vancouver Public Library, CanadaCity totems.city totemsNow to Las Vegas, another great place to find reflections of glass buildings on other glass buildings. Las Vegas ReflectionPlanet Hollywood, reflected in the building across the street (Las Vegas). 
Las Vegas reflected buildingAbstract reflection of brick walls in the windows in Amsterdam, Holland. In Holland this kind of reflection was a bit harder to find.Abstract reflection of brick walls in the windows in Amsterdam, HollandMore of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Mirror.


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