My Home City of Vancouver (in February)

As I stare out the windows at the perpetual drizzle of Vancouver I can’t help thinking that February is perhaps not the best month for the Weekly Photo Challenge to challenge us on what we love about our home town.

Although it did get me thinking. Maybe I could scare up a few reasons to like Vancouver in February after all.


The mountains of Vancouver are kind of in your face. In the summer there’s tons of hiking and places to explore; in the winter all that rain in the city translates into snow in the five local mountains with lots of opportunities to ski.View of the twin mountain peaks called The Lions from Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, CanadaUp at Blackcomb the air is filled with crystalline sparkles that show up as little rainbow circles in the photo.
skiing up at Blackcomb

Multicultural Celebrations

One of the great things about this city is that it is made up of so many cultures resulting in a mass of different cultural celebrations.

In February the big event is Chinese New Year and it’s coming up soon. I’ve written about it a lot over the years and can’t even begin to pick my favourite moment or photo.

Bonsai quince in Sun Yet Sen Garden, usually a place of quiet contemplation, but full of cultural events during the New Year celebration.
Vancouver's Chinese New Year 2015: Flowering Quince Bonsai in Sun Yat Sen Garden

All the Rest

Like any big city there are a host of other events, from Food Festivals like Dine Out Vancouver and the International Wine Festival, to shows like Winter Jazz (free) and the Chutzpah! Festival. Then there are the non-events like just going out to a cozy pub and dancing to a local band (last one, The Wolf and Hound, good Irish-style pub food, $5 craft beers and the entire place was hopping). Or trying to see all the Oscar-nominated films before the Oscars (last night: The Phantom Thread).

So enough of this sitting around and writing, have to get out in that drizzle and do some things.

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide.



13 responses to “My Home City of Vancouver (in February)

  1. This is my first winter in Vancouver and I am loving it so far, despite the rain! I mean, I don’t *love* the rain BUT when the mist lifts it is amaaazing to see those mountains. Plus, now i know how fun snowshoeing/skiing can be, I am keen to get out and about whenever I can!

    You are so lucky to be from such an awesome city!

  2. I have been fortunate to visit Vancouver twice. Once in the summer and once in the autumn. I love your city. I love Stanley Park, I love the way you can walk around the city, I love the mountains, so close, I love the Anthropology museum, I love the BC ferries and I love the closeness to Vancouver Island. Now that I love most of all.

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