A Face in the Crowd – Chinese New Year Parade

This is an odd challenge as it’s called ‘A Face in the Crowd’ but it’s really about a single person standing out in a crowd but anonymous and showing their character by their body language.

So first the crowd: the annual Chinese New Year’s Parade in Vancouver.

This is a non-anomynous ‘face in the crowd’, a sweet little girl dressed up as a puppy for the Year of the Dog. In the past I always had a camera without much zoom so I had to go up to people and ask if I could take their photo. Sweet little girls dressed as puppies for the Year of the Dog. Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver, CanadaFor the last few years I have had a camera with a lot of zoom and I can now capture more candid shots of people. This lady was on the other side of the street standing up through the open roof of a car that just sat there for ages. Perhaps she was waiting to go on and was practicing her moves. 
Regal lady in a red hat in the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver, CanadaThis drummer was too busy drumming to notice me.Drummer in the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver, CanadaNow for the more anonymous shots. I call this the Year of the Soggy Monkey – it was pouring on the parade but the ‘monkeys’ were jumping about all over the place and generally behaving mischievously, stealing people’s hats and umbrellas. The Year of the Monkey with a cheeky monkey leading in the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver, CanadaRain on the Chinese New Year Parade (also the year of the Soggy Monkey).Rain on the Chinese New Year ParadeIn the Sun Yet Sen Garden on a year spring came early and the trees were all in flower.Vancouver's Chinese New Year 2015: Flowering Quince Bonsai in Sun Yat Sen GardenJust out walking my dragon; costumes and hoodies allow for anonymity.
Just out walking my lion (Chinese New Year in Vancouver, Canada)Costumes for the Year of the Snake.Chinese New Year Parade: Dancers Showing Off their Snake GlovesThe most athletic of the Chinese New Year Dragon Dancers – these guys had just jumped on each other’s shoulders and swirled around all without tying the dragon up in knots.The Chinese New Year dragon dance acrobaticsPaper maché horses with built-in riders under a royal banner. Chinese New Year Parade Bright flags caught in the sun at the 2018 Chinese New Year Parade. 
Bright flags in the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver, CanadaDaily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: A Face in the Crowd.

3 responses to “A Face in the Crowd – Chinese New Year Parade

  1. Such a beautiful and colorful festival! I have heard both sides about taking pictures of people. I prefer the anonymous shot if possible, using my telephoto lens, but sometimes can’t get a good angle. By going up and talking to the person, you can maybe establish a connection with them, so then they usually cooperate. And you can meet nice people that way. But there are two drawbacks: 1. They might ask you for money to take their picture. 2. Sometimes the “posed” shots are not the most interesting.

    • I like trying both sides and have rarely been asked for money. My third option for photographing people is to pick the best angle for any particular shot, set up a camera on a tripod and ask the people to carry on working – usually they get so into it they completely forgot I was there

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