You are your father’s daughter

Oh, it’s such a relief to get away from dad, he just talked my ears off!”

My friend looks at me and says, “You are your father’s daughter.”


Anyway, as I’m now editing my dad’s journal of memories and Nancy Merrill’s Challenge this week is ‘Dads and Daughters’, it seemed appropriate that I add some photos of my dad and I.

This one mom labelled ‘Daddy’s Little Helper’.me as Daddy's little helperAnd here I am travelling in style: the deluxe seat on a load of kale.
dad with me in the wheel barrow Dad and I at the lava holes somewhere in the Okanogan, March 1964. One of the greatest gifts my dad gave me was the need to get out and explore and I at the lava holes somewhere in the Okanogan, March 1964Dad and I modelling our beekeeper outfits!Dad and I in beekeeper suits Xmas 84Dad’s painting of me.Dad's painting of meNancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Dads and Daughters


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