Aguas Frescas, Cool Drinks for a Hot Day

Aguas Frescas (Cool Waters) are cold refreshing drinks perfect for a hot day in Mexico.

I learned how to make a whole bunch of them in my Mexican cooking class and have included links on how to make them so you too can have a taste of Mexico on a hot summer’s day at home!

The ones in the photo below include agua de naranja (orange), limonada (lemonade), agua de jamaica (hibiscus), horchata (rice), atole (corn masa) and some pink concoction that could be watermelon, strawberry, prickly pear fruit or some other pinky seasonal fruit. You can make aguas frescas out of almost any fruit, nut or grain.

a row of cold Aguas Frescas for a warm evening in Puerto Vallarta

A row of cold drinks for a warm evening in Puerto Vallarta

Aguas Frescas: some popular flavours.Aguas FrescasA Limonada with Chia Seeds is a ‘Chia Fresca’Chia Fresca in a glassAgua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Iced Tea)
Agua de JamaicaHorchata, an ‘Agua Fresca’ Made from Rice and Cinnamon
Horchata, a 'agua fresca' made from rice and cinnamonA delicious Agua de Tamarindo
Tamarind Iced Drink¡Tubas, tubas, tubas!
Not an agua fresca but similar, made of agua de coco y jugo de manzana, con nueces y trozos de manzana seca encima (coconut water and apple juice, topped with dried apple chunks and walnuts). One of five beach treats not to miss in Puerto Vallarta.Tubas, tubas, tubas! Coconut water, apple juice, apples and walnuts make a refreshing drinkMore of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid.


3 responses to “Aguas Frescas, Cool Drinks for a Hot Day

  1. As it’s rather warm here today, these look delightful. I make hibiscus tea quite often during the summer and keep it in the fridge for my husband. Strictly speaking, it’s a tisane, as there’s no tea in it, but who cares? It’s delicious and good for him as well. That last one sounds good, too.


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