Megalithic Tombs of Carrowkeel near Sligo in Ireland

September 27, 2015. 

In the mid-afternoon we booked into Treetops B&B in Sligo. Our lively landlady Doreen had lots of great paintings at her B&B plus she promised us a ‘continental’ breakfast that made a superb change to the ‘full Irish’.

After we booked in she sent us off to the Carrowkeel Megalithic Tomb Complex.

Sign to the Carrowkeel Megalithic Tombs – this was the last sign we saw so we parked and we walked. And walked. A sign to Carrowkeel, a Neolithic burial site in IrelandAnd walked. Past curious sheep like this poser… Irish sheep run through the photo app PixlromaticUp a steep mucky hill…
The landscape around Carrowkeel, a Neolithic burial site in IrelandAre we there yet? Is this a tomb? What are we looking at here?The landscape around Carrowkeel, a Neolithic burial site in IrelandAl is quite skeptical about the piles of stones being graves; “How do we know it isn’t just a plain old pile of stones?”
A 'passage' tomb in Carrowkeel, a Neolithic burial site in IrelandNow this one looks like a tomb.A 'passage' tomb in Carrowkeel, a Neolithic burial site in IrelandA fellow sightseer, who had read up on what to expect, told us this site was famous for its ‘passage’ tombs, apparently it’s one of the big four in Ireland.A 'passage' tomb in Carrowkeel, a Neolithic burial site in IrelandI’ve marked the Lonely Planet map with the two Megalithic Cemeteries near Sligo.
September 28: Tombs around Sligo, IrelandTime Travel Ireland, with its great list of historic places in Ireland, explains the site much better than I do, starting with this evocative quote:

“I lit three candles and stood awhile, to let my eyes accustom themselves to the dim light. There was everything, just as the last Bronze Age man (sic) had left it, three to four thousand years before. A light brownish dust covered all… There beads of stone, bone implements made from Red Deer antlers, and many fragments of much decayed pottery. On little raised recesses in the wall were flat stones, on which reposed the calcinated bones of young children.” R.S. Macalister, the first person in thousands of years to enter the Neolithic tombs of Carrowkeel.

From Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex, another great site: Carrowkeel is a beautifully situated neolithic hilltop passage tomb complex consisting of 14 passage cairns identified with letters.

It identifies my artsy image below as the ‘Rocking Stone’, not a tomb at all but a ‘strange glacial erratic’ and I’ve added to its strangeness by ‘painting’ it in the app Psyko Paint.Stone in Irish prehistoric site and painted in Psyko Paint


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    • There was another car parked much closer in; Al figured that we could have made it in our little rental and saved ourselves a ton of walking. But I think we would have missed those sheep so it was worth it.

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