Road Trip Around the Ring of Kerry in Ireland

October 6, morning. 

This morning we travelled from Dingletown around the Ring of Kerry, and then around the ‘ring within a ring’, the Ring of Skellig. 

Yesterday, instead of the ‘Full Irish’, Al had the French Toast with Strawberries and I had the Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs for breakfast. Today we switched it around; it turned out that we had been both coveting each other’s breakfasts. 
Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast at Murphy's Pub and B&B in Dingletown, IrelandIt was raining hard as we left Dingletown and headed out along the coast. Ireland Route on Oct6: Dingle Town to SneamOur first stop was at Inch Beach, a long curving strand of sand. A broad swath of sand at Inch Beach in IrelandIt was still raining hard but there were some hardy photographers out there capturing the wild weather. Inch Beach in IrelandAs we came down towards Rossbeigh Beach the roads were paved with crushed purple-pink stone and when we saw the beach there were all stones, and wet from the weather so that their amazing colours showed up: dark dusty roses, muted deep greens with a dash of rusty orange. Purple-red stones dominate the beach at Rossbeigh Beach in IrelandCarrying on around the Ring of Kerry, we spotted these impressive public toilets at Portmagee – so impressive they won the Top Toilet Award of Ireland! Ring of Kerry's Portmagee 'Top Toilet' award This particular ‘Top Toilet’ was likely to remain impressively spotless as it was completely locked up. I was not impressed! Ireland deals with its garbage problem in several ways, one is giving out awards for 'Tidy Towns'  and 'Top Toilets' all around the country. This 'Top Toilet' is in Portmagee in the Ring of KerryFrom Portmagee we detoured onto the Ring of Skellig, a ring within the Ring of Kerry. Some of the roads we were on were both steep and narrow – one-lane only, no buses allowed! 
Road signs on the Ring of Kerry leading to the Ring of Skellig: No Buses Allowed!Driving instructions for this detour. Driving instructions for the narrow winding road on the Ring of Skellig, IrelandRocky headland with yellow gorse on the Ring of Skellig.Rocky headland at he Ring of Skellig within the Ring of Kerry in IrelandRocky headland at the Ring of Skellig within the Ring of Kerry in IrelandValentia Island was a spectacular place, made even more so by the wild weather.Rocky foreshore and wild weather at Valentia Island on Ireland's Wild Atlantic WayLighthouse on the rocky foreshore at Valentia Island on Ireland's Wild Atlantic WayFrom here it was onto ‘Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs.

Artsy shot of this part of Ireland: The wild Irish coast run through the photo app Psykopaint followed by Stackables. The wild Irish coast run through the photo app PsykopaintMore on our 2015 trip to Ireland.


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