Aerial Shots: Iceland From Above

Flying over Iceland was one of most photogenic experiences I have ever had.

Aerial shot of the barren world of Iceland taken while flying to Denmark on Icelandair in mid-May.
Aerial shot of a landform with a lake in IcelandBlack sand and barren gold. Apparently there was a volcano on the right but I was sitting on the left and didn’t see it.Aerial shot of a landform in IcelandWritten on the land; some places reminded me of the ancient rune stones left by the Vikings in these northern lands.Aerial shot of a landform in Iceland A month later we flew back over Iceland again, this time on a different route. This is a small part of the largest glacier in Iceland. Aerial shot of a glacier in IcelandMountain ridges and lakes.Aerial shot of a landform in IcelandAn electric turquoise river. (More shots of this electric turquoise river.)Aerial shot of a turquoise river in Iceland In a month the land had changed slightly from gold and barren; it was still barren but now there was green along the edges. Aerial shot of a landform in IcelandAerial shot of a landform in IcelandAerial shot of multicoloured hills in IcelandAerial shot of a landform in IcelandFields of moss maybe? The dark lines are irrigation canals but I can’t think of what they might be growing here.Aerial shot of a landform in IcelandFrom the distance I couldn’t figure out what I was seeing, some sort of purple. When we landed to refuel I saw they were fields of lupins in bloom.Aerial shot of a landform (with lupins) in IcelandLast shot as we left Iceland and the clouds rolled in. Aerial shot of the way the land edges the blue, blue ocean in IcelandFrom here on it only cleared a few times, once to reveal these frozen wastes. Flying over frozen wastes on IcelandicairThe trouble with commercial flights is they don’t usually bother with the tour guiding so I have no idea what we were flying over here! Flying over floating ice on IcelandicairMore of Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: From Above.

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    • I think it was flying at a standard flight level – the planes were a bit smaller than usual because they could stop in Iceland to refuel – that may have affected it. Now I definitely want to see Iceland at ground level although I didn’t see much in the way of gas stations and the like so am wondering how easy it would be to get out in the their wilderness!

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