Fences from Around the World

A collection of fences from around the world.

The biggest problem with Ireland was trying to pick just ONE fence. There’s a ton of stones in that country and they build endless fences with them.
Endless stone fences on the Aran Island of Inisheer in IrelandA moss-covered stone fence on the Precipice Walk in Dongellau, Wales. A stone fence on the Precipice Walk in Dongellau, WalesA stone and barbed wire fence in England’s Lake District. A stone and barbed wire fence in England's Lake DistrictIn Argentina the only place we really noticed fences were the low adobe walls around cemeteries in the High Andes. A cemetery we saw from the bus to Purmamarca in ArgentinaIn the Belgian dunes a wind fence keeps the sand from going astray. The prickly vegetation acts as a fence as well. 
Staatsnatuurreservaat De Westhoek, a dunes & nature reserve near De Panne, BelgiumRed earth and make-shift fence in the desert country just off of scenic Hwy 128 in Utah, USA. red earth and fence just off Hwy 128, UtahA bike up against a decorative picket fence in Volendam, Holland. A bike up against a fence in Volendam, HollandFence with skull decorations in the hills above Merritt, Canada. Fence with skull decorations up in the hills above Merritt, BCA wrought-iron fence around the the Islamic Square in Madrid, Spain.The Islamic Square in MadridIn some parts of Costa Rica the growth is so luxuriant that poles ‘planted’ into the ground start to sprout branches and leaves – after awhile only the barbed wire strung between them shows that it started life as a fence.A 'growing' fence in Costa RicaA black bamboo fence with a view of a small farm on our Inle Lake trek in Myanmar. This was one of the few fences I found in Asia; mostly their ‘boundaries’ were defined by high decorative walls, usually with an elaborate gate to allow entry.A black bamboo fence with a view on our Inle Lake trek in MyanmarIn doing this post I was struggling between what is a fence and what is a wall? I came to the conclusion that if it was built of wood or other ‘light’ material like wrought iron it almost always said ‘fence’ to me. If it was built of something more solid such as stone, brick or plaster then it was usually a wall unless it was very low in which case I considered it a fence!

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