Paths for Difficult Situations

This is what walking on air is supposed to look like!

Girl skipping at the Rainbow Walk at the Aarhus ARoS Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
This is ARoS in Aarhus, Denmark so it is probably true when they say the Danes are the happiest people in the world; skipping through life on rainbow walkways, heads in the clouds!

Walking on Air.

But in life when you’re walking on air it’s usually because your path is blocked by seemingly unsurmountable problems. Hopefully the path you construct will not be as rickety as this one as this walkway to Cat Ba Beach in Vietnam (but it did still get us to our destination!)
Rickety walkway to Cat Ba BeachIn the Irish Republic walking in the air leads you straight to the Guinness Storehouse! Hmmm, the Irish should be pretty happy too!An exterior walkway at the Guinness Storehouse at St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland

Walking on Water (or Unstable Ground).

Bamboo walkway across the marshy fields, seen on our bike trip around Inle Lake in Myanmar.
Bamboo Walkway Woman on a Boat Fishing on our Inle Lake Bike TripThe narrow boardwalk through the village on the Penang Jetty (Malaysia). The narrow boardwalk through the village on the Penang Jetty (Malaysia)A path of stepping stones through a stagnant green pond in Portugal.A path of stepping stones through a fetid pond

Obstacles in the Path.

Sometimes there are ways to get around obstacles, or up and over; sometimes there’s a gate that allows you through if you can just figure out how to open it. (Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District of England.)Fence on the walk just past the Ladybower ReservoirThis trail is cut through the mountain at Utah’s Timpanogos Caves National Park, USA. The trail through the rocks at Utah's Timpanogos Caves National ParkTimpanogosCaves1890w

Help Along the Way.

Free walking sticks for Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island, Canada.Free walking sticks for Ucluelet's Wild Pacific TrailSingapore’s Botanical Gardens not only provide a pathway above it all, it gives out free raincoats if you accidentally get caught in a monsoon.A walkway and complimentary raincoats were provided to walk through Singapore's Botanical Garden in the rainStands with drinking water were placed all along the trail on our walk around Inle Lake.
Inle Lake Hike: Water in Jugs for the Thirsty Hiker

More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Path.

13 responses to “Paths for Difficult Situations

  1. Great series of paths! I would love to walk them all – that bamboo walkway looks inviting. I love that you have chosen some obstacle solutions.

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