Reflections of Clouds

For reflections of clouds first you need clouds.

That may seem obvious, but some places in the world don’t really have clouds, or at least not often. Las Vegas has lots of buildings that reflect but not that many clouds. This was a rare day in that desert city. clouds reflected in mirrored buildingHolland has clouds, mostly the puffy white ones that you see in their paintings. A straight-forward reflection of clouds on a pillar in the Amsterdam Central Train Station.
Reflection of clouds in the Amsterdam Train StationAround rainy Vancouver we have lots of clouds, and glass buildings to reflect them off, but I see my favourites from this area have been reflected off of reflectionsCar with cloud reflections at Burnaby Hats Off with cloud reflectionsAnother reflection, this of ‘Homer Simpson’ clouds in the sky above the Canadian Okanogan. This is an arid climate so the clouds have a distinctly different look to them than the rain-filled clouds on the coast.Simpson's clouds in the sky in the desertIreland has lots of clouds and a fair amount of water to reflect them in. The beach from our White Rocks Coastal Walk in Northern Ireland, UK.The beach from our White Rocks Coastal Walk in Northern Ireland, UKThis reflection in the water was from our walk along Belfast’s Maritime Trail. A reflection in the water on our walk along Belfast's Maritime TrailAngkor Wat at sunrise (Cambodia.)Angkor Wat at sunriseAt one point we were able to see clouds reflected in the rainbow walk of ARoS from the outside (Aarhus, Denmark).Cloud reflections at the Rainbow Walk at the Aarhus ARoS Museum of Modern Art, DenmarkLastly, if you have great clouds and nothing to reflect them off at hand, you can always run them through the photo app Matter. Here are some of Madrid’s Reina Sofia clouds reflected off a geometric shape.Reina Sofia Clouds reflected off a geometric shape in the photo app MatterMore of Ryan Photography for the Week Challenge: Clouds.

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