Bridges from Around the World 2

A collection of bridges from around the world.

U Bein Bridge in Mandalay (Myanmar). (More of U Bein Bridge.)
U Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar Shiny balloon installation at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver, BC, with Lion’s Gate Bridge and a blue moon shining on the water in the background.Shiny balloon installation at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver, BCThe hanging bridge in the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden is entered through two pineapple-topped pillars – meaningful as pineapple was one of the many gifts of food that Mexico brought to the world.
Suspension bridge on a Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden TrailSingapore has some spectacular futuristic architecture on its inner harbour. One of them is this high-rise boat that bridges two skyscrapers and I believe there’s a swimming pool up there too.
A high-rise boat, an interesting architectural feature on the Singapore skylineThis is the bridge in Bilbao that leads over to the city’s famous Guggenheim Modern Art Museum. Frank Gehry designed the new museum to incorporate the designs of pre-existing architecture that surrounded it. In the case of this bridge this meant adding a false section that ‘bridged’ the design of the bridge with that of the museum.The bridge in Bilbao that leads over to the Guggenheim Modern Art Museum, designed by Frank Gehry.Testing night photography in Bruges, Belgium. This was a DSLR shot of a canal with a small bridge – none of the point ‘n shoot shots at night even come close.
Bruges at NightGoing under the bridge on the Deception Pass boat tour (USA). (More of our boat trip (and whales!) in Deception Pass.)
Under the Bridge on the Deception Pass Boat TourA walking bridge in Udaipur, India.The Walking Bridge in Udaipur, IndiaHolland with its many canals has of course many bridges over the canals. The bulk of them are drawbridges that allow for boats to travel underneath like this one in Edam.A draw bridge over the canal in Edam, HollandThe Ha’penny Bridge leads into the Temple Bar District of Dublin (Ireland).The Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin at nightMore of Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Bridge.

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