Hills Around the World

Up and down hill and dale; a collection of hills from around the world.

View of the hills in the mist in Covadonga, SpainView of the mountains in mist in Covadonga, Spain The Cerros de Siete Colores (Hills of Seven Colours) in Pumamarca, Argentina.the hill of seven colours in Purmamarca in Northwest Argentina Down the hill and far away – walking in Wales.
down the hill and far awayOff on a lovely fall hike into hills above Merritt, BC.
Off into hills above Merritt, BCThe peak of Mam Tor shrouded in clouds – part of the ‘Ridge Walk’ in England’s Peak District. This wasn’t recommended that day – poor visibility on the trail and no views. We were sent to Ladybower Reserve instead as it was sheltered from the weather.The peak of Mam Tor 'Ridge Walk' shrouded in cloudsMuch of wild Malaysia is being torn down for palm oil plantations. The Cameron Highlands still have a fair bit of nature left; we went for a jungle walk in the mud and then wandered around the tea plantations in the hills. Cameron Highlands Tea PlantationMore of Nancy Merrill’s Photo Challenge: The Great Outdoors.

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